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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 18, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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>> 2010. i'm shepard smith. have a great weekend. see you on monday. factor is now. >> shepard: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i think it is a tragedy that a private corporation can be subjected to what i would characterize as a shakedown. >> you don't express sympathy for a corporation that's sort of soiled and destroyed the gulf coast. >> conservative congressman joe barton is under siege from fellow conservatives. for his apparent sympathy toward bp. congresswoman michele bachmann will respond. [gunfire] >> while the nation is transfixed on the oil daster, another disaster may be unfolding in afghanistan. [gunfire] >> we have a factor exclusive. >> don't this stuff down our throat. nobody wants to see it. >> at home going.
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>> glenn beck does not like world cup soccer. can that be possible? >> bill: you know why he really hates soccer bass because it was woodrow wilson's favorite sport. >> the beck meister will be here. caution, you are are b. to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching you us tonight. amazing screw up and the gulf clean up this that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you are not going to believe. this with the world watching how the obama administration is handling the gulf oil crisis now we find out that 16 barges were grounded by the coast guard. according to abc news barges were sucking up thousands of gallons of oil from from the marshes. governor bobby jindal says they are effective. why, why, why would the coast
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guard shut them down? why? because the guard wanted to confirm there are life vests and fire extinguishers on board the vessels and the guard couldn't find the people who built the barges to get that confirmation. insane? you bet. you halt the clean-up over life jackets? this is why many americans are furious about the oil debacle. this morning the coast guard told us the barges are back in action but they never should have been out of action. first poll taken after president obama's speech on tuesday shows that most americans ignored it. 68% say they didn't watch. those who did watch are almost split down the middle on whether it was a good or bad speech. but the big finding in the poll is that president obama's leadership number has dropped seven points since january. now 53% believe obama is a decisive leader with stuff like that crazy coast guard, dopeyness, that number will continue to fall. on the other side, some conservatives are angry with
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republican conservative congressman joe barton of texas. in the house hearing yesterday, barton said this to bp ceo tony hayward. >> i do not want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong is subject to some sort of political pressure that is, again, in my words, amounts to a shakedown. so i apologize. >> bill: well, as you may know mr. barton apologized for his apology. but the damage was done. here is fox news analyst charles krauthammer. >> you don't express sympathy for corporation that's sort of soiled and destroyed practically destroying the gulf coast. what you can do is say we don't like the precedent of the federal government using its leverage and threats, prosecution to force companies into acting against what might
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be their own interest. >> bill: talking points believes president obama should be applauded for getting bp to pony up $20 billion. in fact, that's the best thing the president has done in the whole mess. a voluntary action on that scale by bp only helps the suffering people on the gulf coast. that's the bottom line. now, this week will mark two months that oil has been pouring into the gulf of mexico. the estimates are 60,000 barrels a day continue to pollute the waters. and there is no end in sight. that's the memo. now tore for the top story tonight. joining us from minneapolis michele bachmann who earlier this week made this statement. >> companies need to be held accountable but not necessarily to the executive branch. it seems to me there is a misreading of the constitution and a misunderstanding of jurisdictional limits from this white house on what the extent of executive power is they don't seem to understand that and it now seems that it's all about extortion. >> bill: whoa, i mean, extortion, shakedown. look. if the executive branch, the
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presidency, isn't going to force bp to pony up the money, who will? who would? >> well, the point isn't who is responsible. bp is clearly responsible. and the point isn't should bp be responsible to financially reimburse these tragic victims, of course they should. the question is, who will run the fund, and that is my point, dealing with, will this fund be politicized. it isn't as though we haven't seen this. >> bill: congresswoman that's not how it came across. i have known you for a long time. i'm not coming at it from anything other than a practical point of view here. how that statement came across to me was that you said, look, obama overstepped his power, the executive branch of our government by taking a private corporation and forcing that corporation, bp, to put 20 billion in a till. now, i don't want it to be politicized. you don't and i don't think
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anybody in this country wants that fund to be politicized. what we want is that the money gets to the people who have suffering as quickly as possible. exactly what happened after 9/11. to the 9/11 families. you know how involved we were getting that money out to the families. now, feinberg. >> absolutely. >> bill: feinberg did a decent job after 9/11 getting that money out. i don't think this guy is a political hack or a shrill do you? >> understand the context it was just a couple of weeks ago when my democrat colleagues try tried to raid a previous oil spill fund to pay for unemployment benefit extension. this just happened, bill, during the midst of this bp oil spill. that's what a number of us are concerned about in congress. we want to make sure that this fund does precisely what you and i both want it to do. completely make whole the victims the tragedy. that's what we want. >> bill: you have our phone number, you can get through
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congresswoman. you keep me posted if you see one piece of shenanigans in that i want to know. >> deal. >> you and the congressman barton from texas, using words like shakedown and extortion and all of that, i'm not agreeing with that i think obama did absolutely the right thing by putting maximum amount of pressure on these weasels and you saw this hayward yesterday. is this the biggest weasel in the world, this guy? is there a bigger weasel on the planet than him? all right, you trust in him to do anything? you have got to force these people to do it. and then they have got the swedish guy talking about the little people, the small people. come on. i go in there with a machine gun if i were president and say, hey, you put the money in here. you are not getting out of the room. i mean, i'm okay with it. i think this is the best thing obama did in the whole mess. do you agree with that? getting the 20 billion. >> no one is saying that this fund shouldn't be set up. the question is who administers it.
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but here is the other part. there is also a point of investigating what was it with responsibility from the administration. remember, the administration signed off on the inspection. the administration said everything was fine going on in the deep water rig. >> all of that is fine if you want to investigate how. >> investigation, that's important. it's two sides here. >> bill: we should have a criminal investigation on bp. we should have a congressional investigation into the m.m.s. and the department of the interior. >> we should. but part of the problem is you are asking for a democrat congress to investigate the democrat administration. all i'm saying is let's make sure that they do. >> bill: okay. now you are dodging my question about extortion and about a shakedown. do you think obama shookdown bp? >> i think they put pressure on them when, remember, he previously said that he wanted a criminal investigation so the people that were around that table were thinking they might end up in the slammer.
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>> bill: is that wrong? >> if they could end up in the slammer -- >> bill: is that wrong to put that kind of pressure on them. would you do it? >> you think about it. here you have the president of the united states threatening criminal action. they could end up in the slammer. are they going to take money from the shareholders to give to the president, maybe, it keep themselves out of jail? >> bill: i hope. so but i'm with it. are you okay with it? i don't think is i going to bag. >> we need to have a victim's comp fund absolutely. but no american taxpayer should pay a dime of any commence. that's all good. the process does matter. >> bill: okay. of the process does matter. >> process matters. >> bill: the only thing we are disagreeing about here today is that i don't mind obama looking at these guys saying you better do the right thing or we are coming at you with everything we have. i want him to do that. i will give you the last word. >> there is nothing wrong with a president saying that. the point is, is he putting
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pressure on the threat of a criminal trial, which is a force of government so that they will give him money? >> bill: i hope so. >> that's crossing lines that we have to be very careful. >> bill: if he bags the criminal investigation because they did put up the 20 billion, then i'm with you. you know, we're not trading here. we are doing both. >> that's what i'm worried about. >> bill: again, you have our number. you get any incling or anything untoward is going on you let us know. we will report it right away. >> deal. >> bill: great to see you. thank you. factor exclusive things may be getting very bad in afghanistan. and then herald has the very latest on van der sloot. hey, it's great to see you're back after that accident. well, i couldn't have gotten by without aflac! if you're hurt and can't work, who's going to help pay for gas? ..the mortgage, all kinds of expenses?
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>> bill: up resolved problem segment tonight, while the nation is watch watching the disaster in the gulf of mexico. the war in afghanistan is being ignored by the media 31 americans killed in that theater. reports are things aren't going very good for the guy guys us and the nato forces. joining us from boston colonel david hunt and from washington fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel peters again with you. scale of 1 to 10. 10 being best case scenario. war going our way one a complete disaster.
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where is the war in afghanistan now in your opinion? >> 3 on a good day. >> bill: three. now that's pretty drastically bad. three is -- we're in trouble. >> yeah, bill, look, there are hundreds of problems with afghanistan. but i will give you the big three fast. one, afghans don't want what we want them to want. two, our counter insurgency doctrine which is driving everything is so loopy the "new york times" loved it. its basic assumption is that we're partnered with a local host government that is worthy that can gain or has the respect of its -- support of its people. the karzai government is corrupt and wildly despised and hopeless and treacherous. third as colonel hunt who is a better soldier than i will ever be as can he tell you you can't win any conflict on defense. and except for our special operations strike teams, every one of our hundred thousand troops in afghanistan, they are playing defense. you can't win just by walking around and becoming in the word
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of the special operator on the ground an ied magnet. >> bill: now, colonel hunt, if colonel peters is right, and let's let you define it. 10 best, 1 worst. where is it? >> i think it's a 2. >> bill: you are worst. you think it's worse than he does? >> yeah. i think the only thing that's working is the united states soldiers, marines, good soldiers, corruption and incompetence of the afghan government is so bad the u.s. government, bill, just formed a task force that investigate corruption. i mean, that's been going on almost 10 years. you can't win this way. you have no success. you can kill every bad guy in the battlefield as long as karzai still runs a corrupt and competent government it works against everything he would trying to do. >> bill: if i had colonel peters, general mcchrystal on
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this program right now, we agree with your assess. >> no. absolutely not. his mission to succeed. general mcchrystal is a good soldier. he gets his orders and he is plowing ahead. and the tragedy, and it is a tragedy, of this greater soldier general stan mcchrystal is we took a brilliant special operator, really the unsung hero of success in iraq and we promoted them to be a strategist took a top chef and told him to making progress that we have neutralized the taliban to some extent, but colonel hunt could he point to anything? key point to anything to back up his opinion? sure he could, there has been more aggressive tax killing bad guys with drones, we have better in helmand, province, there have been military successes. we have to understand turned into for the last.
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you cannot just can't have a military victory, you have to have some kind of stability in the government and the people fighting for and that is not working pakistan yet. >> bill: 10 years since we overthrew the taliban and we have been on the ground there in varying degrees. why can't the afghan army and police force police force after 10 years be more competent than they are. what is the problem with those individuals? >> well, it's fundamental. the problem isn't that afghans aren't fighters, they are fighters, but who wants to die for president harmid karzai, his corrupt drug dealing family? >> bill: who is worse karzai or the taliban? my god? if i had to choose, i would take karzai and the corruption over the taliban. >> but, see, look, afghans are just different. it's incomprehensible to us bus these guys will fight to the end
8:18 pm
for the right to live in scwawcialtion pursue tribal religion and beat their wives and daughters to death. the truth of what is going wrong, bill, the taliban has no trouble attracting volunteers nobody will fight for karzai. >> bill: a lot of the people are changing money here. you were in the vietnam theater colonel hunt. this looks like vietnam re-do. corrupt government. massive army funded by the united states and trained. they, in the end, didn't fight, wouldn't fight for the south vietnamese apparatus in saigon. this looks like the same thing. we wen't defeated on the battlefield in vietnam. everybody knows that we were defeated because the south vietnamese wouldn't step up and fight the north vietnamese. this looks like the exact same thing. >> unfortunately it does. you defined it when you said people have a choice between the taliban and corrupt government. and the type of operation that we have slipped into, we took this country, you have to
8:19 pm
remember with a couple hundred guys on horseback and some money and some war lords and we kind of printed it away. put a corrupt government and it does look like unfortunately parts of vietnam vietnam where our soldiers are doing a great job. >> cannot have success with this. mcchrystal by himself with insurgency and great soldiers cannot succeed while they have the corruption incompetence and the issues of the pakistan and the drug issue. it's not going well unfortunately. >> bill: okay, gentlemen. thanks very much for your candor. directly ahead, geraldo with the latest on the 16-year-old girl who almost died trying to sail around the world. also the killer van der sloot fears he may be killed in prison. later, glenn beck on why he doesn't like world cup soccer. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] thank you, heat oven.
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>> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight, two updates on controversial stories it, now appears the father of the 16-year-old girl who tried to sail around the girl and almost lost her life did make a deal with reality tv. joran van der sloot apparently believes he is going to be killed in a per riewfn prison. joining us the host of geraldo at large. geraldo rivera, before we get to that you were in afghanistan, you got back in february. you spent some time there. >> seventh time. >> bill: you heard that conversation. what say you? >> i love colonel peters and colonel hunt. they are way too gloomy and pessimistic. i put the number at 6 or 7 range. the surge has barely started. enhanced 101st airborne the screaming eagle are just now deploying. that kind of. >> that coupled the drone attack against al qaeda leadership, and remember you had the u.s.
8:24 pm
geological survey, there are a trillion dollars worth of assets, mineral assets in afghanistan, imagine if we can secure some of that lithium deposits and the other, you know, rare minerals they have an abundance in that country. just now discovered by our technicians. i think it's way too gloomy. we have got to give give petraeus a chance. >> bill: no matter what america does in nato karzai is so corrupt the people won't follow him. you were around with kii and thu. >> look at latin america, look at africa. >> bill: look at iraq. those guys aren't the best guys. >> right. >> bill: i hope you are right. >> all we care about is that they suppress terrorism and give some basic justice. >> bill: all right. van der sloot, he now wants to go back to aruba with his pals, his buddies, that's where he wants to be tried. what do we know? >> van der sloot, it is the only card he has to play. matt holloway, natalie's teenage
8:25 pm
brother has recently come public and said exactly what i believe. and i'm quoting him. he says van der sloot is screwed on the per riewfn murder charge. is he using the aruba information to get a lighter sentence. it is all he has. on monday he will go before judge carlos morales in castro prison. it will be the equivalent of a preliminary hearing. he will then tell that judge whether or not he did in fact confess to the of the murder of stephany flores. that will happen monday. i believe he will say he did it i think he will confirm his confession. he will, however, also, and as already indicated peruvian authorities say he has information about natalee holloway's disappearance. that his only card to placement he will play it until his dying day. >> bill: why would the per rufns care about that case? >> i think they deeply care. >> bill: they are going to cut him some slack? >> because the world is so engaged and involved in the
8:26 pm
natalee holloway. >> bill: they are not going to send him back to aruba. >> there is no judicial precedent for it after he served his life sentence. then let aruba take care of him. if he has an ounce of charity, and he wants something like hot chocolate. >> bill: ounce of charity? it's all about bartering for him, but this prison, garcia garcia prison, this makes alcatraz look like club med? >> castro's castro. and it is really a grim and violent place. the daughter i think there will be many, many people in there own life sentences to end the life of this miserable man. >> bill: this is new video from that prison. >> i do not advocate that but i won't lament it if is he taking care of extra judicially. >> bill: look what happened to jeffrey day member.
8:27 pm
can bell, more like a ted bundy. i think there are other people who are dead and i think that we should start investigating colombia and the two missing prostitutes who went missing when he was in that country and ran from aruba to peru. >> bill: now, this teenager story, when we talked about it with you, you were very, very anti-father. you were against the father. and that was a time when he said look, we didn't make any deal, we didn't do anything. you know, my daughter this, that, and the other thing. now it looks like they did make a deal. >> this father, i allege is a scam artist. very much like the balloon boy's father. here is four days after our broadcast, the "new york post," kid for sail, dad had tv deal as girl risked life. the facts are that they had a deal with a production company who had a deal with revly. a very well known production house. they do the office. they do the biggest loser. they did ugly betty. revly is owned by elizabeth byrne on and off, the daughter
8:28 pm
of our founder and chairman. legit company. they found out about the lack of adequate preparations. they said, this is a quote from their operator, i recommended they tell the authorities and we properly rescinded the offer. in this dad, is he a sin gally type. he home schooled the seven kids. very rarely socialized with either other children their age or with their neighbors. he lives in a cult like setting. the production company, the original production company that made the deal with revly magnetic entertainment saw this quirky dad as a potential reality show. we have reality shows about other people who have ups and downs and weird lives and snook can i became a big star with the jersey shore. presumably this dad with cult of children all trained for high risk adventures would have made a relatively interesting reality show but for the risk he put his kids in. >> do you believe the fact that
8:29 pm
the some producers attached to this show quit because they thought this girl was in jeopardy. >> i absolutely believe them. i believe ted, guy on the program, guy original source, the guy who has film of abby sunderland's very inadequate vessel. i believe they sent her out into the southern ocean in winter, utter disregard, reckless disregard for her safety and at a cost of millions of dollars to the australians and french governments that will never be repaid. >> bill: dad did this to make money. >> did he it to get a deal like balloon boy dad said he sent the son up in a balloon. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. dumbest things of the week barney frank aforementioned snooky in the spotlight. beck meister will explain controversial stance. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. lower bad cholesterol,
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>> bill: personal story seeing many tonight, sunday is father's day and most dads i know are patriots. responsible fathers supporting their families and protecting them from danger is one of the highest callings a man can have, perhaps the highest. but many fathers have secrets and journalists rita cosby's father had a big one. she has written a book about it called "quiet hero" i spoke with her a few days ago. >> bill: now your father was captured a polish resistance fighter during world war ii young kid at that time. >> extremely young. >> germans are chasing him around, they get him. they sent him to dresden back to germany in a p.o.w. camp. >> to a camp for become 20 to 30,000 inmates. >> bill: he was lucky he was catholic because if he was jewish he would have went to auschwitz and they would have killed him. he gets out after world war ii and he is 90 pounds. they abused him. the germans abused everybody. he comes to america. all right? how did his experience, a p.o.w., polish resistance fighter at 13 influence him as a
8:34 pm
dad? >> you know what? my dad was never really my father until about a year ago. i feel like this book has been a journey because what happened was growing up my father was very emotionally disconnected. he was physically disconnected always traveling, never really home. i remember when i was 8 years old my dad took his shirt off and i saw these scars on his body and i remember asking my mother what -- this dad looks different than the other dads, what's wrong with my father's body? and i remember my mother saying your father went through difficult times growing up. we don't talk about it the door was closed. >> bill: you knew your father had been trauma advertised traumatized. >> i didn't know what happened to him. i pieced together he was in poland and in the war. >> bill: in the house, nothing? >> nothing. >> bill: no conversation. did you ever say to him, dad, i would really like to know. did you ever say that. >> i said to him, dad, tell me a little bit more about what happened. and he always would talk about other people it was clear it was not a discussion to talk about. >> bill: he wouldn't do it. so then you become a journalist and your father now is 84 years
8:35 pm
old, still alive. >> um-huh. >> bill: you say look, i really need to know the story, correct. >> what happened we found these long belongings. my mother passed along a few years ago. we found old tattered suitcase and in it was a rusty p.o.w. tag emblazed with a prisoner number and bloody and arm band and cards that had code names on it and i saw the name, different age than i thought my dad was. i said this is my father, this is my past. ill. >> bill: so then you know a little bit more. how did you convince your father finally in a very advanced teenage to tell you what happened. >> time something everything. i called my dad and i said dad, i need to know who i am. i am seeing these things. i know now what you went through. i'm now old enough to understand. please tell me. my dad at 4. sensing his own immoral tattle. he ran 33 marathons bill in his day. my dad doesn't do anything halfway. >> bill: so then he did tell you what happened and thus the book "quiet hero." do you hold any resentment
8:36 pm
because he wasn't an emotionally engaged dad? >> it was so hard, bill. we went back to poland and retraced his steps. he took me literally to the spot where he said rita this is where i lost all emotion. he saw 500 people killed. he basically walked away and came back he saw the remnants of what had happened. a german tank exploded it was booby trapped. he walked away, the ground shook and he ran back looking for a piece of his friend. and he said when he came back to that moment and saw nothing left of his friend, he lost all emotion and he said after that, after he took me to the scene, he said, rita this is where i lost everything. became numb and it didn't effect me to leave the family. >> bill: how did you get over it though? you were a kid and your father isn't emotionally engaged. did you ever come to grips with that. >> i don'tesent him anymore. i think i did for the longest time. i did, of course, when you are a teenager and all of a sudden your dad is not here and my father -- i heard my parents arguing on christmas when i was teenager and i heard my dad say i'm leaving. i thought he was leaving his job. it turned out he was leaving us.
8:37 pm
>> bill: oh, boy. i want everybody to check the book out. "quiet hero, secrets from my father's past. qu ts rita cosby. >> such an honor to be here. rita is donating 20% of the proceeds from her book to uso's operation providing care which provides care for wounded warriors. bill o'reilly is donating money for big charities because of your father's day buys. dad wants all of these great things, bold fresh, by the way, is out in paperback. so, it's easy to pick up. and we will get you what you buy by overnight delivery on saturday. so if you are a little tardy for dad, we will save your butt. get ton bill o' when we come right back, glenn beck on how he is different from sarah palin and why he hates world cup soccer. beck, moments away. ♪
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>> thanks for staying with us on bill o'reilly. at the beck and call seeing. ment busy night for the g man. helped out judge napolitano. has a new program on the fox business network. he taped an interview with me last night. all right. so here is beck. he goes on knap's new program on the fox business channel. kind of libertarian loon thing he has got going on over there. >> very loon. >> bill: that toll tan know subs for you when you are not around on your program. asks you a very provocative question. roll the tape. >> rumor sarah palin on ron paul. >> the message i'm much moron paul than sarah palin. the way that message is delivered or better yet executed it's taken us 100 years to screw this thing up. you can't just say hey we are going to pull our troops out from all around the world. >> bill: that's what ron paul says. you are different than is he as far as when and how. i'm more interested in the sarah palin thing. because she is a conservative populist. that's what the governor is.
8:42 pm
a conservative populist. who is appealing to traditional values and for people who believe that these are pinheads in washington. >> so far you haven't said anything i disagree with. >> bill: okay. what is the separation? why wouldn't you be more like sarah palin. >> i think sarah palin is -- more reasonable than i am. i think sarah palin is for limited government. i am as well. but i am more and more a libertarian every day. >> bill: do so do you admit on the factor that you are not a very reasonable person. >> not when it comes to fixing our problems. i don't think that we're going to take. i mean, look at what barack obama is doing fundamentally transforming america to be able to reverse this, you are going to have to -- let's say nothing else happens, we have $130 trillion of unfunded liabilities. what's happening there is riots in europe now because people -- they are saying, hey we have got to cut that off. you do. have you got to cut all of this spending off.
8:43 pm
have you got to reverse this in a massive sort of way. i'm not sure that sarah palin would be for closing the department of education. i am. >> bill: you would be. she is more conventional and you would take drastic measures to bring the country back to your vision of what this t. should be. >> just for economic health. >> bill: i think it can be done in a methodically disciplined ways. >> $130 trillion. >> bill: economic machine is enormous with a few. >> $130 trillion. >> bill: i gotcha. >> if we sell everything that we own, everything, all the land, everything we have, we don't make it to 50 trillion. >> bill: okay. [ laughter ] >> bill: beck, look. >> is he like whatever. >> bill: these numbers, i mean, i'm sorry. you have alienated. glenn beck has alienated. we are like 90 countries in the world. not only -- we dominate the united states of america. this is the most powerful. >> i love israel.
8:44 pm
i love great britain. >> bill: just keep quiet for a moment. we are on 90 countries. beck dominates the afternoon and factor dominates the evening in news coverage and all of that. tremendous news coverage. beck has alienated all the world because you have disrespected the world cup as you know. soccer football is reveered everywhere and you have disrespected it. >> you are -- you are watching soccer, are you? little billie sitting there watching soccer? >> bill: little billy? who might that be. >> big horn at home -- >> he is really excited. >> bill: i'm pulling for the ivory -- are you all right with that? >> we are not trying to shut football down here, maybe we are. we are capitalists. don't shove this crap down our throat. nobody wants to see it. >> bill: come on, it's skill. >> skill? >> bill: if nobody wants to see it, why is it the most popular sport in the world. >> no. nobody here wants to see it. >> bill: we are a tiny speck.
8:45 pm
there is a big world out there >> bill: you chauvinist. what's wrong with you? >> i'm an american. >> bill: so what? >> i'm not saying you can't watch soccer. i'm saying it stinks on ice. >> bill: what? >> what are you doing watching it? what's wrong with you people? >> bill: what he is the matter with you. kids are getting healthy. they are running around. they are kicking the ball. and you. >> let's kick the ball. sit home eating m&m's? get out and kick the ball. >> you know what soccer is? it's worse than curling. at least cureg you are like yeah, can i probably do that pick up a broom. we beat canada ever time we would try to can you recall. you -- curl. you can have girls come out soccer? >> bill: you go off. and you know why he really hates soccer? because it was woodrow wilson's favorite sport. that's why you hate it. was it? >> now i know. >> bill: come on.
8:46 pm
you are a pinhead. >> it's the worst sport. >> bill: come on. people find enjoyment out of it. don't run it down. >> bill, talk to the hand. here's the thing. america, america thinks soccer you can play it all you want like universal health care. have it we don't want any of it. >> bill: we? what do you have a mouse in your pocket? >> do you know how many bars force it on -- everybody is like you have to be in the bar. they pull you into the bar and sitting there and force to you watch tanchts i'm an alcoholic, i speak from experience. >> you are sitting in the bar and they turn on the world cup and jesus charlie rose on? anything but this crap. [ laughter ] >> bill: good line. charlie rose. on that note. send your mail to beck. >> bring it on. >> bill: the dumbest things of the week on deck. hey, barney frank and snook can.
8:47 pm
this dumb segment is for you. right back with it. flnk [ tires screech ] ♪ [ cellphone dings ] [ tires screech ] ♪ made a cup of delicious starbucks via ready brew. she shared it with i heart chihuahuas and i heart labs. she even shared it with i heart cats. premium starbucks via ready brew. now available wherever you buy groceries. ♪
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight, dumbest things of the week. take last night because we were so anxious to get to it. brian kilmeade filled in alongside juliet huddy. number one dumb thing of the week, snookie, apparently some cable star, right, huddy? i have never seen her i don't know what she does. >> on the show jersey shore. lovely people. half of them are not from new jersey. they are giving new jersey a bad name. she is a breakout star. a poof of hair and she is -- sleeps around a lot. >> bill: poofs around. >> very trampy. i have got to be honest with you. >> bill: trampy? >> she would happily admit that however, she is now apparently an idol to million of teenage
8:51 pm
girls. >> bill: what did she do to get her in the dumbest things of the week. >> well, she was actually at a restaurant in bayo, new jersey, lovely town. the people that found out that she was there, it was like a mob scene. whether you go. this is their idol now. this is who our kids are idolizing. >> bill: snookie go to a restaurant and they figure out and come to see her. kilmeade you had her on "fox & friends"? >> two days ago. she was here and has 700,000 followers on twitter. place was crazy for her. when we were watching tv. i remember the fonz. want to be like richie cunningham, you wanted to be like. >> spots is i. >> or sometimes in some cases the billie crystal character on soap. we don't know. whatever your choice was you made a choice. but there were actors, they were talented. know what to shoot for. this is a real woman. these are people that you aren't allowed to hang around with. if you bring this woman home to your house, your mom would say
8:52 pm
you are not allowed. >> bill: what did you ask snooki? whats watt conversation. >> the conversation was mostly conducted by steve doocy and gretchen carlson. >> bill: so you were asleep? >> we rotate in. i was able to notice the magic of snooki. what you notice about her she was pushing a cookie where you lose weight. she claims to be heavy for one reason. >> bill: because she eats cookies. >> and she drinks too much. >> bill: dumbest thing coming from all over jersey just to see snooki. >> not just jersey but all over the world. >> bill: if you are watching, you are welcome on the factor. i don't know how are. get together right here. >> south beach. >> bill: lady gaga who do i do know, big factor friend. she, kilmeade, has a 3-year-old who loves her very, very much. let's roll that tape ♪ breaking the phone ♪ sorry i cannot hear you ♪ i'm kind of busy ♪ kind of busy ♪ kind of busy
8:53 pm
♪ sorry, i cannot hear you ♪ i'm kind of biz j ♪ stop calling ♪ stop calling ♪ i don't want to talk anymore ♪ on the dance floor. >> bill: prediction that kid will be in rehab. >> bill: handcuffs on the kid. >> that's the worry that she dressed like lady gaga, the icon of the moment and lady gaga is somebody that maybe the mom heidi looks up to but here is the 3-year-old girl who has to run from that picture. lady gaga. >> bill: cute in a way and funny in a way. >> bill: a stripper though? >> what do you mean stripper? >> dressed like a bondage stripper and she is not happy about it. >> she looks very happy. >> bill: serious one. my dumbest thing barney frank my buddy, my pal, you know that here is what barney's latest pronouncement is. go. >> i have never seen a tax cut put out a fire. i have never seen tax cut go to the aid of hungry children who
8:54 pm
needed some kind of succor. we need to get a balance between the private and public sectors. >> bill: balance? >> that means we need to have as much money coming into the government as the private sector. that's socialism, barney. you can't fool us. snooki would have known right away that barney was talking about socialism. do you agree. >> absolutely. >> bill: 3-year-old would have known. >> kyra. >> bill: if the mom heidi boo have told kiera to do it. >> bill: lady gag d.b.a. ga would not have known but would have given barney the finger. >> that's why we love her. >> bill: that's the general principle. >> because that's exactly what she did to a met fan. you are one of them. >> snooki would do that too. >> bill: what did we make her? pinhead for doing that at city field. dumbest things of the week, everybody. barney, don't be a socialist out there, man. give us a break here. it's a capitalistic country. pinheads and patriots on deck. featuring big foot. he is in north carolina.
8:55 pm
do you think we are kidding? we are not. stick around. ♪
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[ male announcer ] imagination. it's the mo powerful resource on earth. and at ge, we're using it, right now, to create innovative technology that will improve the health of our economy... the health of the earth... ♪ ...and the health of its people. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bank associate ] welcome to the greater offshore bank and trust. [ bank associate ] right now, we're offering you $500 just to open an account. [ bank associate ] we just need your most intimate personal information. driver's license number. do you have any credit cards on you? just put both of those numbers right here. we're doing a dna scan. we just need a hair sample. great, will you put that in there? [ bank associate ] your first boyfriend... just a yes or a no whether or not he broke your heart.
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♪ ♪ but sometimes the land can be challenging. ♪ that's where the expertise of a john deere dealer comes in. together we'll find the best solution, so you'll know you've spent wisely to get the most out of your property. because we know you love your land, every last bit of it. get 0% financing on compact utility tractors. go to to learn more. . >> bill: no mail because we had so much news. but we have an interesting pinheads and patriots. apparently, bigfoot is back and has taken up residence in north carolina. >> i tried to call him. >> reporter: ken peeler thought he was calling
8:58 pm
coyotes. >> instead of them, him. >> reporter: he got something that frightened even this self-pro claimed mountain man. >> this thing was 10 foot tall. he had beautiful hair. it scared me. >> reporter: the sergeant didn't see the creature this time. >> there was a 8 to 10 foot hairy man-looking person. >> reporter: remember the stories of a sasquatch when he was a kid. >> was killing some animals, breaking into chicken houses, killing chickens. >> reporter: the same mo tim says he saw. the sasquatch going after his dogs. >> i come out here and rough talked him and run him off. >> reporter: got him to leave. called 911. then the creature came back. >> i said, get away from here, get, get! and he went right back out there path again. [ laughing ]
8:59 pm
>> bill: that would scare me. where are the dukes of hazard when you need them? okay is tim peeler, that's the guy is he a pinhead or patriot? could go either way if he did save his dog he has to be a patriot. in he's making it up he's a pinhead. you make the call. bigfoot is always a pinhead, no question. that is it for us today check out the factor news website. please spout off about the factor, interesting programming this evening want to know what you think. premium members please evaluate our program each night. we look at that it means a lot to know what you think, name a town if you want to opine about the program, there is our e-mail dress. we do read the e-mails. here's the word of the day, when writing to us, do not be caustic, when writing to the factor, not a good thing. happ


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